Dean Wallace - Project Manager

A graduate of the California State Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo, Dean holds a Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture and is a registered Landscape Architect for the state of California. He joined the company in 1993 and is now a project manager, overseeing the design department and bringing projects from conceptual sketches to construction.
What DEAN loves: nature, photography, spending time with his adorable kids, hiking, music.

Jennifer Li - Designer

Jennifer is originally from China and came to the United States where she received her Master’s degree in Landscape Architecture from New York State University. She now lives in the Bay Area with her husband.
What Jennifer loves: dogs, Yoga, Hip Hop and cooking

Lou Marinacci - Partner

A graduate of the University of Massachusetts, Lou holds a degree in Landscape Architecture and Environmental Design and is a registered landscape architect for the state of California. He joined the company in 1982 and is now a partner …
What LOU loves: dogs, skiing, soccer.

Tim Vine - Principal

Principal and founder of Landsystems Landscapes, Tim started the business in 1981. A native of London, he came to the United States after graduating from the University of London with a degree in landscape management and horticulture. As a licensed contractor he is an active member in CSLA and other professional …
What TIM loves: tea, traveling, reading, miking, cooking, gardening.

Usha Gundlapalli - Accountant

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What USHA loves: Lake Tahoe, beach, hiking, camping, and traveling.

Madhavi Bommu - Office Manager

Madhavi Bommu has been an Accountant at Landsystems since 2007. Madhavi received her Master’s Degree for Accounting in India, then spent several years honing her talents in various locations. With her exemplary organizational skills and knack for crunching numbers, Madhavi manages all of Landsystems’ finances and regularly corresponds with our clients …
What MADHAVI loves: watching classical dancing, swimming, traveling, cooking.

Adriana - Junior Designer

Adriana has a master’s in Landscape Architecture from USC …
What ADRIANA loves: dogs, Yoga, Hip Hop and cooking.

Enrique Guzman - Design Manager

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What Enrique loves: consectetur, adipiscing elit, sed.

Kimberly Vine - Sales & Marketing

Kimberly is owner Tim Vine’s daughter and has been around landscape design her whole life. Having moved all around the Bay Area during her childhood, Kimberly has been transplanted into many tricky situations that help her to understand each client’s unique background and location. Kimberly attended college at Foothill College with an interest in Business Management.
What Kimberly loves: San Francisco Giants, San Francisco Forty-niners, Lake Tahoe, beach, hiking, camping, and traveling.

Yijie Zhao - Designer

Yijie is originally from China and attended North Carolina State University, where she received her Master’s degree in Landscape Architecture. She worked for 4 years in China in urban planning and design before coming to Landsystems. She also holds an Environmental Art degree.
What Yijie loves: hiking, hand-drawing, traveling, and animals.